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My name is Sam Phillips. I’m 27 years old as of this writing. If you’ve read the novel you know the story. I’m not much in to going further. I will say this. The website as it is now isn’t how it was. Most people don’t know the chaos that transpired during the mad, Internet, boom of the late nineties. Back then we had investors wanting to really exploit Jeremy and this site. The way it all happened, the manipulation, the lies, the greed, it’s no wonder all the Dot Com’s busted. Serves those fools right.

These days I’m still crunching graphic art in Portland, and you might as well know Amy and I are engaged to be married.

As has been said before, I’m grateful for the Jeremy experience. I’m sure many people’s lives have been changed. I know two things only. One, it’s never how you plan it to be and, two, this Jeremy thing is far from over.

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